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LV300 PRO Remote Control Slope Mower

If mulching and land clearing is your objective, the Green Climber LV300pro is the machine for you. Capable of mulching heavy growth, tough grasses and brush including cattails and water reeds, the LV300pro will make quick work of it. Multiple attachments allow for flail cutting, wood chopping, stump removal, and finish mowing. For those in winter states the snow-blower attachment makes the Green Climber an all-season workhorse.

850 kg


9 km/h


30 HP


LV300 PRO Remote Control Slope Mower

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LV300 PRO Remote Control Slope Mower Specs & Add-Ons

Key Specifications

Feature 1 Powerful 3-cylinder YANMAR DIESEL ENGINE
Feature 2 Patented undercarriage to climb steep slopes and anti-de-tracking system of the tracks.
Feature 3 Engine lubrication patented by MDB for continuous use on steep slopes of up to 60°
Feature 4 The reversible fan and an oversized radiator allow for continuous work at full power also at high outside temperatures.
Feature 5 The integrated hydraulic side-shifting plate allows for lateral adjustment of the attachment of up to 400mm.
Feature 6 Onboard compartment with charger for the remote control.
Feature 7 Integrated cylinders allow for widening of the tracks from 1140mm up to 1540mm (patented system).
Feature 8 The totally hydraulic floating attachment plate of the mulcher allows the tool to remain constantly in contact with the floor which leads to a homogenous and superior cutting result.


Main attachment pump 42 lt/min @220bar - 11gal/min @ 3190psi
Service pump 18 lt/min @ 180bar - 4.7gal/min @ 2610psi
Extendable undercarriage (Closed) 1140 mm - (Open) 1540 mm
Attachment sideshifting (Hydraulic) 400 mm + (Mechanical) 400 mm
Flail Speed 3000 rpm
Ground speed (Km/hr) 9
Engine Yanmar 22.2 Kw
Horsepower 30 HP
Torque 85.9 Nm
Fuel type Diesel
Fuel capacity (L) 21


Machine Height 1040mm
Machine Length 1840mm
Machine Width 1140-1540mm
Standard Flail Weight 130kg
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